Augmented reality

Shareable AR applications.

AR developer

Increase brand awareness, boost engagement and take advantage of new technology with augmented reality applications that run in the browser and feature your brand and products.


Ikon create animated 3D models, add sound effects and music to produce totally shareable fun and engaging augmented reality applications.

AR for education

We’re passionate about using AR for education. Ikon create educational AR apps that can be shared as easily as sharing a website. That’s because they run inside a web browser.

Augmented reality app development for training and education
Augmented reality on Google Maps Street View In The Near Future
Now is the time to build 3D assets for your brand. We envisage that Google will add a new form field on Maps that allows for the upload of your organization’s 3D logo. The logo will probably appear above your building on Street View.

Soon everyone will be using AR wearables. They’ll replace mobile phones due to their capabilities and form factor. Wearables will become an essential part of every day life.