This week we uploaded the 100th 3D model to our Sketchfab account.

Almost all of the 3D models that we produce can be seen over at our 3D portfolio. Most of the models that we make are created as ‘low poly’ which means that the geometry is simplified.

Optimal Performance

Low poly models load much faster when used in web based applications. To compensate for a lack of definition, low poly models can be animated to bring them to life, and many of the models we have created have custom animations.

Georgia Guidestones 3D model

Designed for the Meta Quest 2

As almost all of our work is optimized to run on the Meta Quest 2 headset, the size of each model is important. There are two reasons for this.

The first reason being load time (so the user doesn’t have to wait too long to enjoy the virtual reality app) and the second is that simplified geometry will help with computational performance within the browser on the Meta Quest 2.

This approach guarantees a smooth immersive experience.

Virginia’s best 3D model maker

If you need simple low poly or high poly photo-realistic 3D models to promote your business, get in touch with AJ our 3D artist.