This February we were chosen to work alongside some amazing people for the production of what can only be described as our “most demanding job of the year”.

The movie that we had the pleasure of helping to produce is called “Are You There?” written by Vikki Vass and starring a young talented actress called Laura Sollet.

It has been an honor to assist and learn from a group of established Hollywood legends who flew out from California, alongside many other talented staff who flew in from all over the US to a small town eight hours from the coast in North Carolina.

IMDb Page

“Find me on IMDb and see the movies I’m working on…”

AJ Ikon


Cast & Crew

Names such as Kim Noonan and John Orphan worked tirelessly, together with a large production crew to create a masterpiece which should be hitting your screens early this year. The team worked in unison to create a fantastic, fun environment.

It was a joy to be working with such a creative crowd. I met a lot of great people and made some awesome friends. Looking forward to working with you all again on a blockbuster movie in the near future!

Feature film credit

We’ve worked on many small movies before, but nothing quite this big. It’s our first large-scale production here in the US and it’s very exciting to be listed in the credits of a film that millions will end up watching.

Watch the movie

You can learn more about the movie and the people who made it happen by visiting the official IMDb page. If you’d like to hire us to help shoot your film, get in touch!

Behind the scenes

It was a long few weeks and we managed to capture some shots from the production to give you an idea of what happens behind the scenes without revealing too much about the story. See what we’ve been getting up to in North Carolina.

Are You There - Horror Film
Are You There - Horror Film - Video Production Service - Crew Hire - Virginia - North Carolina
Actress Laura Sollet