We are very excited about the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) as a tool to assist us in our work and increase productivity.

One camp talks about how great AI is, and how powerful it can be as a tool. The other side are terrified that AI will somehow take over the world. While the advent of AI in the workplace will bring about a restructuring, it will also provide many benefits.

After making low level artificial intelligence in games to control characters for several years, we are well aware of it’s power and it’s limitations and we are definitely in awe at some of the latest developments with this technology.

Artificial intelligence AI

AI is everywhere

Whether you realize it or not, AI is already used in applications such as Adobe Photoshop. However the use case which we are interested in exploring is in AI’s ability to generate assets which would save a lot of time in production.

Ikon XR and AI

After playing with a selection of new machine learning (ML) models, we were able to generate some amazing photographs of AJ, Ikon XR’s CEO.

We spent some time training the AI on how AJ looks with various input photos, and what was produced by the software really took us by surprise.

You can see from the following photographs how good AI can perform as they are perfect representations of the subject that the model was trained on.

Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning Virginia
Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning Virginia
AJ Programmer Virginia Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning ML
Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning Virginia

AI for your business

Consider the amount of time and effort needed to complete a traditional photo shoot: time planning & researching, cost, communication, clothing, travel, lighting, equipment, photographer, subjects, makeup, staff and of course the environmental impact.

When you compare these aspects to how quickly you could generate the same results using the power of artificial intelligence, the possibilities for this technology really start to become apparent. We can already see how AI will impact our industry.

If you’re interested in the potential for AI in your business and would like to talk to us and explore ways in which you can increase efficiency, get in touch.

Artificial Intelligence AI Machine Learning Virginia