We’d like to share with you a vision that we’ve been developing over the past few months. The idea came about after working with a lot of very passionate and exceptionally talented people while making movies in Virginia and North Carolina.

It occurred to us that there’s a strong need for a place in which to build sets and produce films & TV shows. An environmentally controlled building that can be used to make movies and shoot commercial advertisements to help local businesses.

Film set movie studio Virginia North Carolina

Location, location, location.

Our project requires the purchase of commercial property somewhere along the border between NC and VA, a few miles inland from the coast of the two states.

The exact location is as yet undecided although we expect that it would be within driving distance of both Raleigh NC and Richmond VA.

The new studio will need to have land surrounding it so that mobile trailers could be used to accommodate cast and crew members working on a production. The usable space required would be at least 6000ft² with several acres for crew trailers.

Extra space around the main buildings will of course allow for expansion at a future date and the construction of a second studio on site.

Ikonic Studio Project VA NC
Aerial view
Ikonic Studio Project VA NC
Materials storage
Ikonic Studio Project VA NC
Main studio

Technology hub & maker space for VA and NC

We envisage there being at least two buildings, one for the storage of materials needed to build custom sets, and one to actually build and shoot in. The larger studio will have lighting rigs installed in the ceiling.

The smaller materials store could double as a maker space to allow creative people to develop and build out their ideas with access to tools and safety equipment.

The office area in the building that we acquire will be used for general administration and post production, with purpose-built edit bays to process and upload footage.

Aputure Movie Lighting
Starlink Broadcast Satellite Internet Service

Sustainability & Environment

We’re big on sustainability and plan to use as much renewable energy as possible. Luckily both Virginia and North Carolina boast long periods of sunny weather which would be perfect for harnessing and storing solar energy.

Many of the materials used in set building can be recycled. The studio will feature an all digital setup with 100% solar goal, paperless office and conscious kitchen.

Solar powered studio NC VA

Educational programs

The entertainment industry is an exciting, innovative sector which is growing due to the popularity of social media and overall disruption of traditional media.

We would like to create programs to help people gain experience with all aspects of video production, potentially even partnering with schools and colleges who require additional resources to help students.

Of course working inside a commercial environment can lead to great networking opportunities and the potential for full-time employment. We aim to make a space which makes people feel inspired and valued.

Employment opportunities

Movie making requires many roles for a production to go smoothly. The amount of people needed to make content is dependent on budget.

Jobs which could be created from this project include: writers, actors, cinematographers, camera operators, sound recordists, VFX gurus, directors, producers, writers, musicians, editors, set decorators, makeup artists and gaffers.

It’s important to also remember the additional employment opportunities which are created from a project like this, such as catering and servicing.

Are You There - Horror Film - Video Production Service - Crew Hire - Virginia - North Carolina

Pillars of success

The project has a few main aims and there seems to be no shortage of people who want to get involved in whatever way they can. Examples of building use include:

Movie set design

Short term use of studio time

TV show set design

Long term use of studio time

Equipment rental

Fully stocked with easy access to professional gear

Broadcast facilities

Edit bays with fast & reliable satellite internet connection

Boot camp & maker studio

Educational programs to help young people gain experience


Safe, affordable temporary accommodation for crew

Now accepting contracts

To get ahead of the queue and secure resources for your school, college, university or production company, we’re accepting contracts for production at our new facilities. Work with local talent in a fun, safe professional environment.

Share the word

If this idea resonates with you, please consider sharing it on social media to get the word out and help us to connect with people who might be interested in partnering.

The next steps

We’ll be working on this project to iron out the details and identify potential problems over the coming weeks. If you work with grants or funding that may help to make this idea a reality, or if you know of someone who could help, please get in touch.

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Ikonic Studio Project VA NC
Office space can be converted for post production