Proudly presenting our latest creation! Manifested, a short story about angels. The project is a 3D website which can be experienced using browser-based virtual reality.

This narrated story was born out of our need to relieve a creative itch and take you on a journey to learn about the history of supernatural beings (in this case angels). The project was created purely for fun, to test our skills and help build our portfolio.

Manifested VR Web XR Virtual Reality Entertainment Virginia

Manifested takes the visitor on an adventure through the ages to learn about the origins of Halloween and explore some fascinating facts about modern religion.

Featuring several low poly 3D models and the fantastic voice of Ron Garner, you’re in for a (trick? or…) treat with this 10 minute virtual reality experience! Built and tested for the Meta Quest 2 and free-to-play without the need to download anything.

For those of you who do not have access to a VR headset, fear not! The application will run in your web browser and on mobile devices as a fall-back.

Manifested VR Web XR Virtual Reality Entertainment Virginia

Ron Garner guides you on a tour of several scenes where you can explore the immediate environment using a VR headset as the story plays out. We have to warn you though, there is a jump scare later in the story!

Manifested VR Web XR Virtual Reality Entertainment Virginia

Awarded project

The production was put together by AJ who was responsible for the concept, storyboard, script writing, 3D model creation, coding and sound design.

Manifested was nominated by ‘The Polys’ and later went on to win the ‘Entertainment Experience Of The Year 2021’ award. We have more works in the pipeline, so make sure you follow us on social media to see when our next creations drop!

AJ Award Winner Entertainment Experience Of The Year The Polys Web XR Awards