We just launched our 3D model store which features a collection of all the 3D models that we have created over the past few years.

As we specialize in the creation of shareable web browser-based 3D websites and virtual reality production, each of the models has been designed to be easily viewed in even the most low performing VR headsets and mobile devices.

This style of 3D modelling is called ‘low poly’. Poly is short for polygon, and each model can have thousands of these shapes which make up the complete model.

Ikon XR Sketchfab Store purchase low poly models

Low poly models are great for use in VR as they can be downloaded quickly, so the visitor doesn’t have to wait too long to enjoy their experience. Optimization of assets is a big part of the job as people can become impatient.

Despite the lack of realism, low poly models have a big impact when viewed using a virtual reality headset. For more adventurous Web XR applications, we can of course push the poly count depending on the complexity of the scene.

If you’re curious to see what sort of models we make for projects, take a look at our complete collection over at the Sketchfab store.