In 2021 we developed a game demo featuring several Voodoo dolls.

The VR game has a 15 minute run time and starts the player in ‘Rag City’ dump. The rain is pouring and a security guard can be heard ranting about how unhappy his is with his life (this really helped to bring some humor to the experience).

The game’s atmosphere was perfected with the addition of spooky sound effects and environmental sounds such as crickets, rain and a thunder storm.

We designed all 20 of the Voodoo doll characters in this project and also produced an animated 3D movie to provide a backstory for the character’s origins and set the scene for the virtual reality experience.

The game concept, story and script was produced in-house by AJ. This was a long project which thankfully turned out to be a hit among indie VR game fanatics.

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Another factor which helped to make the game feel more realistic is an all-original adaptive soundtrack which increases the tempo of the background music at times of danger, and the spatial sound helps you to locate the guard easily so that you know which direction he may be coming from. This adds a sense of urgency.

You play as one of the Voodoo dolls. The aim of the game is to find your friends and escape without being seen by Frank, the guard. The Voodoo People VR game received several shining reviews from VR enthusiasts who really enjoyed the experience!

It’s available to download free of charge for the Meta Quest 2 on SideQuest.

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