Being able to produce 3D models for our work was a necessity, so we learned the skills needed in order to create a range of model types for use in projects.

The types of models that we create varies significantly as the approach to designing hard surface architectural and industrial products differs from how you would create models with a more organic feel such as characters and animals.

Budget is also a factor which should be considered as 3D models can take a lot of time to produce. Complexity of design will obviously affect the end price.

Low poly 3d modeling and animation Norfolk Virginia

3D model complexity

Complexity of 3D models differs. Models are usually made for a specific application. For example high poly models generally don’t load very fast and can make a virtual or augmented reality scene become slow or unstable.

We tend to focus on low to medium poly models as they are often used in WebXR applications and within 3D websites. Poly is short for polygon, which is the shape used to create the surface on the face of a 3D model.

Low poly 3d modeling and animation Charlotte North Carolina

Animating 3D models

We can animate characters and objects as needed to bring a 3D model to life. This extra effort really helps to capture the attention of visitors who are exploring a 3D website and trying out a virtual reality application.

Looking for someone to produce a 3D animation with sound effects and narration? Ikon XR are one of the best animation studios in Virginia for animated movies.

3D renders

Not all of our 3D models will find their way on to a 3D website or virtual reality experience. Sometimes we create 3D models so that a render can be produced and used within a client’s printed literature.

For best results with regards to 3D renders, lighting has to be configured and the best camera angle has to be chosen depending on how the render will be used.

If you’d like to see some of the 3D models that we have created for projects, check out our 3D portfolio on Sketchfab and send a quick message to work with Ikon XR.

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