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    The right people

    Finding the right people to work with on your creative project can be challenging. You might not want or need to employ someone full time. Perhaps you’ve worked with freelancers in the past and they’ve not been there to help you when you needed it.

    Maybe they lacked the skills to complete the job properly? You deserve someone who understands your needs. Someone trustworthy, capable and reliable.

    That’s where Ikon can help. My name is AJ and I’m the CEO of Ikon XR LLC, a small creative company based in Norfolk, Virginia. With twenty years of experience working as a software engineer, video producer and marketeer, I wear many hats and can be very useful to business owners who are in need of some fresh talent. I’m the ideal connection for those looking to scale up their enterprise and grow.

    Video production was incorporated into my offerings nearly a decade ago and I went on to learn how to make browser-based virtual reality and augmented reality, winning several awards for my work over the years.

    Honestly? I do most of this work on my own. On occasion I team up with some amazing people for voice-over tasks, acting work and as part of a camera crew. These talented people add a lot of value to productions.

    To stay relevant and remain competitive in today’s marketplace you need to move fast, think outside of the box and catch people’s attention. We offer a range of creative services that do just that.

    Ikon CEO AJ with social media influencer Legendary Jay

    AJ – Ikon CEO with social media influencer Legendary Jay

    Limited availability for bookings

    The sooner you take advantage of our free 30 minute consultation, the sooner we’ll be able to assist you.

    As a small agency, we only have a certain amount of new clients that we can take on each month. We keep our workload steady and sustainable so that we can give each client and project the time and attention that they deserve.

    We stick to strict workflows and have reliable processes in place to ensure that the quality of our work is consistent, and to ensure that we get the results our clients need.

    Why work with Ikon?

    • Based in Virginia, USA
    • 20 years experience
    • We work under other agencies
    • SEO experts
    • Highly skilled staff
    • One point of contact
    • Expert help and advice
    • 24/7 support
    • Multidisciplinary
    • Innovative company
    • Experienced
    • Awarded
    • Background check passed
    • Fully insured
    • Efficient workflow
    • Solid design processes

    Not your average website designer

    Web design

    3D websites & WordPress

    Video production

    Filming and editing

    SEO & marketing

    Get found on Google

    Virtual reality

    We make VR games & stories

    Artificial Intelligence

    AI and automation

    Cyber security

    Protection & vulnerabilities


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    Local 24/7 assistance

    10x your revenue

    Work with us and get original content created to sell your products and services in style.

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