In 2013 and after nearly a decade of writing software, a need for sunshine forced AJ to pick up the camera once more and start to offer video production as a service to his website design clients. This decision started a world wide adventure.

It became apparent how valuable this service was to his clients and he honed his skills to plan, shoot and edit ever more adventurous video content. AJ has developed skills over several years, producing outstanding cinematography.

  • Promotional videos
  • Testimonials
  • Product explainers
  • Conferences
  • Galas
  • Ceremonies
  • Interviews
  • Documentaries
  • Commercials
  • Short films
  • Feature films
  • Teaser videos
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People power

To get the best results we use a mixture of equipment and techniques in order to capture the kind of video footage that gives our customers the edge. We’re big believers in working with the right people to get the job done properly.

We can shoot most corporate videos using a one-man crew. For larger productions such as movies and TV shows, Ikon XR LLC brings together some of the best people in the industry to make marvelous movies worth watching.

  • Camera operator
  • Assistant
  • Digital Imaging
  • Gaffer / grip
Art department
  • Production Designer
  • Art director
  • Set dresser
  • Prop master
Above the line
  • Casting director
  • Assistant director
  • Executive producer
  • Producer
Hair & make-up
  • Make-up artist
  • Hair stylist
  • Special effects
  • Wardrobe
Sound department
  • Sound mixer
  • Boom operator
  • Sound assistant
  • Sound design
Are You There - Horror Film - Video Production Service - Crew Hire - Virginia - North Carolina
Are You There - Horror Film - Video Production Service - Crew Hire - Virginia - North Carolina
Are You There - Horror Film - Video Production Service - Crew Hire - Virginia - North Carolina
Are You There - Horror Film - Video Production Service - Crew Hire - Virginia - North Carolina

Cutting edge equipment

Our equipment includes the use of a drone for aerial footage, GoPro action cameras typically used at sports events, 360 degree camera to capture the spherical shots seen on YouTube and in virtual reality and a more traditional broadcast camera which is mainly used for interviews and events coverage.

Video production quality

Corporate events are typically filmed in HD resolution (1920×1080) but we can film in 4K (3840×2160) when required.

Every camera we use is 4K capable and we have fun shooting high frame rate video, for extra impact in commercial advertisements and promotional video.

Motion design and VFX

As Ikon XR design and animate 3D models, we can use these models in your video productions to add that ‘WOW’ factor and increase brand engagement.

We can produce full length and short animated movies to tell a story for your organization to help you connect with customers.

Lighting design

Lighting should never be overlooked when producing video content. Lights can change the mood significantly and will be appreciated by the audience.

Sound design

Video and audio go hand in hand, and sound design is an important part of any video production. We write scripts, find effects and source the best vocal talent.

Events filming

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