After nearly a decade writing software and after hardly ever having a chance to enjoy the sunshine, our web designer AJ decided to pick up the camera once more and start to offer video production as a service to his website design clients.

It became apparent how valuable this service was to his clients and he honed his skills to plan, shoot and edit ever more adventurous video content which would take him to several counties filming lectures and grabbing some great B-Roll footage to produce videos which can be ultimately be used across many channels.

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Background in news media

Our team have worked for some well-known media organizations, filming news broadcasts and operating video cameras at sports events.

We have been actively involved in video production since the 1990’s. A lot has changed in this time, from technology to techniques. It has always been our passion and we have stayed current by exploring new gadgets and shooting & editing styles.

Sound design

Video and audio go hand in hand, and sound design is an important part of any video production. We write scripts for narrators, and find the best vocal talent to work with on our projects. Sound effects are sometimes used too, and we take time in sourcing the most appropriate, highest quality sound FX to use.

Video production quality

All our footage is typically filmed in HD resolution (1920×1080) but we can film in 4K (3840×2160) when required. Every camera we use is 4K capable but filming at this resolution adds extra time to each project, most notably when sharing a preview with a client or when uploading finished videos to social media.

Motion design and VFX

As Ikon XR design and animate 3D models, we can use these models in your video productions to add that ‘WOW’ factor and increase brand engagement.

An example of our 3D animation skills can be seen below.

Production perspectives

To get the best results we use a mixture of devices and techniques in order to capture the kind of video footage that gives our customers the edge.

This includes the use of a drone for aerial footage, GoPro action cameras typically used at sports events, 360 degree camera to capture the spherical shots seen on YouTube and in virtual reality and a more traditional broadcast camera which is mainly used for interviews and events coverage.

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