If you’ve just started a business in Chesapeake and need to find a local website designer to work with, Ikon XR is one of the best web design agencies in Norfolk town serving Chesapeake and the surrounding areas.

Web design in Virginia

Who do we design websites for?

We build websites for startups and for established companies who have outgrown their old web presence. No matter how bad your first Wix, Weebly or Squarespace website looked, it served it’s purpose and taught you a lot about the art of website making. Ikon XR help you take web design to the next level.

Web design isn’t for everyone!

Website design is no easy task and there’s a lot to consider when making a functional commercial website. It can be time consuming, especially for people with no prior experience. That time could be used more effectively for the management and scaling of your own company.

As web designers, when we travel via ferry we have absolutely no interest in building the boat! We find that a large number of our clients simply don’t have the time, skills or patience to design and build their own website.

That’s where Ikon XR come in. We have 20 years of experience as web designers and as search engine optimization (SEO) experts to help our clients get found on Google.

Not your average web designer

Our skills don’t stop at web design! We code in several languages and love to produce a range of digital content including entertaining augmented reality and immersive virtual reality applications. Ikon XR can be considered as an animation studio, a game studio and an internet marketing agency.

Gamifying website design

We are also avid game developers who blend this passion with web technologies to produce interactive experiences which serve to promote products and services. Being creative about how to market your products helps engagement and sales.

Web XR developer Virginia

Chesapeake’s best web designers

We’re new to Norfolk Virginia and we’re looking to work with local manufacturers, museums and artists from Chesapeake in order to provide more than just website design services.

We want to transform your business and bring your products to life with the help of new technologies and future proof marketing techniques.

As curious coders, we get excited about what our clients have to offer and we hope that this passion can be felt in all the websites and WebXR work we do.

Work with a local web designer

Send us a quick message and tell us what you do! We’ll meet up with you in Chesapeake and share some novel, innovative ideas. Tap here if you’d prefer to call.

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