We create 3D environments which run in the web browser that can be shared and experienced as easily as sending someone a link to a website.

WebXR virtual reality gives people the opportunity to step inside their screen and explore products, artwork, enjoy entertainment and learn new concepts and ideas. Visual interactive experiences improve enjoyment and increase learning ability.

Award-winning WebXR developers

We specialize in WebXR. The web part indicates that the application is hosted on a server on the internet just like a normal web page. XR is short for ‘extended reality’ which encompasses several technologies including: virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). We build applications both for the web and for specific devices.

Virtual reality game maker

The following video was recorded by a YouTuber who was playing a virtual reality game we made specifically for the Meta Quest 2.

This particular game needs to be downloaded from an app store, whereas WebXR does not need to be downloaded as it runs directly from the web browser.

WebXR shareable virtual reality

In 2018 we came across some videos of gamers on YouTube who seemed like they were having a great time. After a little research we purchased our first virtual reality headset and started to figure out how we could use it for our clients.

We trained to develop virtual reality applications with a focus on WebXR as these 3D environments ran in the web browser, something which we were all too familiar with as we have been producing websites for nearly two decades.

This forced us to learn how to create and animate 3D models, which was a step up from the traditional two dimensional graphic design that we were used to.

AR & VR in commerce

Our transition into WebXR development was inevitable, we are still excited about the technology and what it can do for our clients, each of which are keen to show their products to their audiences and generate interest.

  • Manufacturers

    We help manufacturers to digitize their products so that items can be explored in detail on the internet by customers prior to purchase.

  • Artists

    Bringing artwork to life with video, imagery, effects and sound in virtual exhibitions increases advertising potential for artist’s collections.

  • Museums

    Education is the goal and virtual reality is the perfect platform to keep exhibits open for your museum open all day and night.

  • Service providers

    Training and education done from the safety and comfort of the visitor’s own home or office can help to raise awareness and train employees.

VR Virtual reality developer Norfolk Virginia

Augmented reality applications

Each project has a focus on a particular technology and is made with a specific target audience in mind. The experience is crafted to cater to the needs of the client and to the end user. Augmented reality is fast becoming the new way that people are choosing to explore products and consume entertainment.

We can produce shareable web-based augmented reality applications that work on mobile devices and augmented reality hardware.

Future proof VR & AR apps

Our focus is on shareable augmented and virtual reality as we believe that this will be a standard for how all experiences are developed in future. Why wouldn’t they? Nobody likes the inconvenience of waiting around while they download large files.

Browser-based VR and AR (WebXR) apps are the way to go! They’re easily accessible, easily shareable and this new technology is mature enough so that you can utilize it and so that your business can benefit from this fantastic innovation.

The 3D website created to power a WebXR virtual reality application provides a nice desktop / mobile fall-back for visitors who don’t have access to a VR headset.

Ikonic, shareable immersive entertainment

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