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Thanks for visiting! I’m an experienced website developer with a passion for storytelling in 3D using WebXR.

I provide a range of services to public and private institutions and I’m particularly interested in using WebXR for education.


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Ikon XR is Virginia’s most innovative digital agency. We make 3D websites and immersive virtual reality & augmented reality experiences using WebXR to boost sales, for entertainment and for education. WebXR is a web standard which allows people to experience websites in a new and exciting way.

There’s no need for your visitors to download additional software with WebXR as it’s web-based and runs in the browser. We produce easily shareable augmented and virtual reality applications featuring custom animated 3D models, original voice-acting, snappy sound effects, graphics and music.

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Ikon XR Website Designer Virginia

Ikonic, shareable immersive entertainment.

Masters of multimedia

Professional services

Website designer Norfolk Virginia
Website design

Designing and developing 3D websites and WordPress & WooCommerce e-commerce websites is our passion. Ikon XR offer the best quality and value.

Web XR developer Virginia
Shareable XR VR AR

We produce AR & VR experiences designed for the Meta Quest 2. Make an impression with a custom virtual or augmented reality application.

Animated 3D models

Ikon XR design and animate low, medium and high poly models to use in 3D websites and within augmented & virtual reality applications.

Video production service Video editing Filming Cameraman Photographer Norfolk Virginia
Video production

If you need more eyes on your company, we can arrange photo shoots, produce advertisments and make cool 360° videos to use on social media and in VR.

Logo design product design product packaging designer Norfolk Virginia
Branding & design

We have 20 years of experience designing corporate logos, flyers, producing product packaging and helping to form brands for new and established companies.

AJ Award Winner Entertainment Experience Of The Year The Polys Web XR Awards
Digital marketing

Working with an experienced marketing consultant who uses a full range of digital solutions to connect you with customers yields measurable results.

Brave metaverse architects

Recent work

VR projects


We’re currently working on a new Web XR game called ‘VRaxxed’ which will be available to play soon. The game is set in a post-pandemic, post-apocalyptic future timeline on the East Coast.

Vraxxed Web XR VR game Oculus Quest 2


The Manifested project came about from the need to scratch a creative itch and bring to life an idea which incorporates years of knowledge gained by our fascination with supernatural beings.

Manifested - A short story about angels VR experience Web XR

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You can book a consultation and pay for services securely online using Stripe. Take a look at the full price list for our services.

Past projects

3D websites

Carova 3D Website design

A 3D website which illustrated what life on a beach was like for our small creative team.

Cyber Doll 3D website design
Cyber doll

A short two minute animation with a cyberpunk twist that creates a low-fi vibe.

Microsoft Hololens 3D Website design
Hololens Experiment

How the 3D web can showcase products and increase sales.

Charlotte in 3D Website design North Carolina

Charlotte Past & Present takes you on a journey through time to learn how NC has changed.