Hello! I’m AJ, the man behind the brand. I’m new here in Virginia and have started Ikon XR LLC with the aim of providing professional services to business owners like yourself.

I’m a little unusual and a true creative. A passionate generalist who has spent years developing a wide range of skills. I’m like a team of ten people rolled into one, making me very useful to clients who understand my value.


I’ve been programming since I was just 9 years old. It started with an intense curiosity of how software worked. I went on to make my own simple games and have loved to produce content that people can enjoy ever since.

Passionate producer

Although I don’t have much time to play games today, I still enjoy making them for my clients and have gone on to win several awards for my work. I’m excited about how education and training can be gamified using virtual reality.

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CSS Design Awards

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The Polys 2021

Entertainment Experience Of The Year

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AJ WebXR Developer Virginia

Network Engineer

I started my career in my early twenties as a network engineer, troubleshooting computer problems and connecting devices in offices before relocating to a more rural location where there weren’t many offices to serve.

This move forced me to figure out how to make a living by working remotely. I was one of the early pioneers!

Software Engineer

In my mid twenties I began to focus more on website design which led me deep into software development.

I created an e-commerce solution with the help of another developer based in Indonesia and brought it to market.

Over several years I worked closely with this developer on a daily basis and learned a lot about PHP & MySQL.

The feedback was good and the software was featured in magazines, the mid 2000’s was a very exciting time. I continued this through the mobile revolution.


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Purpose and passion


As older generations of web designers failed to adapt to the mobile revolution, it forced many out of the market.

At the time, I learned to do what they could not. Sadly some of them are still making cheap websites that aren’t responsive, which is a real dis-service to their clients. It’s important to keep active and learn new skills.


I started to diversify in 2012 by offering my clients video production assistance.

They needed help and the equipment was much more expensive and less accessible than it is today. I had prior experience working in news media when I was young so it was a natural progression as my step-father was a cameraman.

As the demand grew, so did my abilities and I became very good at filming and editing video content that could be used in websites and on social media. My brother is a VFX specialist and I learned a lot from him with regards to motion graphics.

Master of multimedia

The transition into multimedia came as a welcome change to the long days and nights I would spend writing code. Traveling to famous race tracks and filming motorsports was a lot of fun.

At one point I sponsored a winning race car team for a time and offered the team media support which included website design, photography and videography.


In 2018 virtual reality looked like it was mature and so I invested in my first VR headset. As a curious creative I became interested in how it all worked. I wanted to build my own virtual worlds, so I learned new skills which enabled me to develop VR games.

I could see the potential for virtual reality from a commercial aspect and went all-in on the technology.

This is where my love for WebXR comes from. Being able to use my existing skills as a web developer to create 3D websites & web-based virtual environments reignited my passion for software development.

AJ CEO Ikon XR LLC WebXR Developer Virginia

My mission today

It’s my goal to transform this outdated economy and give local companies the support that they deserve. I want make education fun and create employment opportunities which raise the standard of living, and the standard of entertainment.

Too many people rely on old technology, they simply don’t get the support that they need to compete and are stuck taking advice from people who’s skill sets are better suited to a previous decade. I want to help people stand out, make money, become more efficient, have more fun and I want to provide solutions that will benefit everyone.

Get in touch

If you’d like to work with me, or if you’d like to meet either in person or via video call, please send me a message. I’m excited to connect with people who are as passionate about business and technology as I am. Like, follow and subscribe to my social media channels on the contact page to see how I help local entrepreneurs like yourself.