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Movie makers

If you’re looking for someone to film your promotional videos, shoot movies or produce videos for your website and social media accounts, Ikon offer the best value.

Did you know that for just $1,000 per month✝, you could have a professional camera crew come to you to film & edit video footage that can be shared out on social media each week? Get fresh content created for your brand and raise awareness for a fixed monthly fee.

✝ Offer valid for three, six and twelve month contracts only. Terms and conditions apply.

We can condense most of the equipment used at our film studio down to just a few cases that can be transported to any location quickly and easily.

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Ikon produce video content for indie movie-makers, work on feature films and conduct interviews for TV.

Video production crew
Video production crew
Video production crew
Video production crew

We’re well connected within the media industry, which makes us best placed to quickly assemble a reliable crew to shoot videos.

Professional equipment

We have a large inventory of professional camera gear that can be used on your production. Ask about our new range of Aputure lights, available to rent for your project.

  • Lights & electrical
  • Cameras & camcorders
  • Tripods & t-bars
  • Rigs & jibs
  • Snoots & lenses
  • Acoustic treatment