Our work

Some of the things we’ve made.

Most recent project

Ultra Energy Wellness Center is a start-up based in Florida providing wellness treatments using cool tech from their new center in Cape Coral. We designed their logo, built their website and did a spot of video editing to help launch their new business.

WordPress website designed for a wellness center in Florida
3D Websites
3D Website Designer Virginia
Game design
3D Website Designer Virginia
Virtual reality
3D Website Designer Virginia
Product design
Branded e-commerce web store design
Toys & products
VR WebGL Web3 WebXR 3D Website
WebXR games
VR WebGL Web3 WebXR Indie Game
Pixel art
VRaxxed VR WebXR Indie Game
3D design
WebXR alien animated 3D model for WebVR

VRaxxed is an indie game built for VR using WebXR technologies. Runs in a web browser and is easily shareable. Be part of the story as the protagonist fights for survival on a post-apocalyptic East Coast.

A UFO encounter in 2015 was the reason we learned how to make 3D websites. The need to tell the story visually forced a move from 2D web design to 3D, with Sil3nt Lights being our first ever WebXR project.

Manifested was made to relieve a creative itch and tell a story about a subject that we became fascinated with. The project went on to win “Entertainment Experience Of The Year” at The Polys awards.

Manifested WebXR Project
Microsoft Hololens Experiment 3D Website

We’re big fans of virtual reality hardware as you might have guessed. The Hololens Experiment is a 3D website that showcases the Microsoft product and it’s features.

animated story

WebXR At The Museum is an animated story set in a virtual museum which plays in the browser and enables the visitor to jump inside the scene using a virtual reality headset once the story has played out.

Voodoo People is a 3D animation created to provide a background into how some dolls came into existence. The story was made to promote physical products, NFTs and a VR game which we developed.