Custom systems using artificial intelligence

Last month we completed our first ever security system powered by artificial intelligence.

The system was designed to be web-based, and as such required a level of security of it’s own to protect access and keep data safe.

What made this software extra special is the audio messages which were generated every time a function was initiated or when something worthy of investigation was detected.

Sentry v1 was built using a mix of languages (PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS and JavaScript) to bring it together, the interface was mobile-friendly.

Bootstrap was chosen as the interface elements framework which presented the user with an easy to use, accessible layout which would remain consistent across devices.

When the user logged in, the system would prepare itself for use by starting a number of webcam feeds and monitoring them for activity including object recognition and threat detection.

The system was also trained to recognize the faces of key figures and monitor their mood via facial expressions. If a person was detected holding a weapon (and especially when the person looked angry), the system would give a verbal notification and record the event.

If you need a custom system creating for your business and would like to work with a local talented software developer, send me a message.

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