Essentially, Ikon XR could be categorized as an internet marketing company. We’re not fans of this label as it fails to encompass all of the services which we offer to our clients. After all, our focus is on web development and programming, right?

It would however be a sin to write the code that powers websites without first considering the implications of our work from a marketing perspective.

Search engine optimization

Websites are indexed by Google so that people can find them. This means that the architecture and messaging on a website should be well thought through. This practice is known as search engine optimization (SEO).

Marketing machines

A more appropriate label for our work would be software engineers, and engineers have historically always worked on engines.

We consider websites as engines, designed to not only look pretty and give visitors information, but to also run efficiently and do their job as a lead generating machine.

Websites are capable of working for their owners all day and night which is why they should be valued as an essential asset by any astute CEO.

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Internet marketing

The function of a website is to educate, entertain and to sell products & services to visitors. These visitors have to first find the website, which is why SEO is so important. We optimize websites to get found on Google, and we engineer the experience which takes visitors to the checkout.

Traditional marketing techniques

The use of traditional marketing techniques should not be overlooked when trying to promote a business. Handing out business cards and having paid advertising in the right publications can have a massive impact on sales performance.

If you need someone with graphic design skills who can help you to design a business card or flyer, look no further. We always try to incorporate technology in our work.

Your new business cards might just turn into an augmented reality experience where potential customer can watch a video of you when they point their phone at one of your cards. This is the type of marketing idea which sets us apart.

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Marketing strategy

When we are tasked with devising a creative marketing strategy for our clients, we are big advocates of using technology to solve problems. This is due to several reasons which include: cost benefits, automation and cool factor.

Ikon XR can work with you in order to develop a marketing strategy that’s within budget and one which delivers measurable results.

Content marketing

Each of the WordPress websites that we produce has the ability to post blog or news articles. Every time a post is published, it adds value to the IT infrastructure of the client’s business. Blog posts can feature images and videos to increase engagement.

If a company posts regularly, over time a large amount of blog posts can be generated and archived. Each post will contain powerful keywords which are essential to the marketing intentions of the company.

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